Harbour Pilot Tug

For most executives and company owners Acquisitions & Divestments are not a daily business. Nevertheless these processes create important milestones in the strategic route of a company. The art of dealing with transactions and investments is to bring together fact’s, feelings, figures, expectations and relations, whilst coping with the tension of negotiations and remaining momentum up to completion of the legal documentation.

A good deal is often the result of a good balance between facts and figures and an unbiased process. The value of a deal finds it’s origin in the strategic fit, the deal structure and the negotiated result. The process in much like bringing a vessel from a rocky coastline into the safety of the harbour.

Solutions Insight has a strategic and a pragmatic approach when supporting clients in their transactions. The strategic approach ensures the balance between facts and feelings and the unbiased process, the pragmatic approach ensures simplicity of deal structures and satisfactory negation results. In our experience it pays off having an experienced pilot on board guiding the ship into the harbour !


Share Security Investment

A typical signal for a refreshment need is a limited structural profitability or stagnation of growth. A next signal is a lack of shareholders commitment in investing  forward. Notwithstanding that business ideas are sound, product or service is good and a good client base and/or recurring revenues. But for a successful future a “power boost” is needed in terms of time, money, knowledge, network, inspiration and/or execution.

Sometimes new management and/or new shareholders are crucial for long term business continuity of a mature business, the realisation of the real intrinsic value of a young company or for maturation of a company growing into a new phase.

A “refreshment investment” in it’s best shape is a combination of (partial) new ownership, leadership and fresh capital; Smart Capital ! These private investors are open to both, invest in a company financially and offering their network and experience to support the company in its growth.

Why Solutions Insight ?

When it comes to Transactions & Investments, Solutions Insight is an experienced Deal Maker on the Acquisition, Divestment and Financing side. Solutions Insight can be your gateway to a Refreshment Investment since Solutions Insight has a network to providers of smart capital. Occasionally Solutions Insight acts as an investor itselves.

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