Revitalising the Business Model

A company in food commodities running on business model that had been successful for over 20 years. In the past the company was a global a leader in size and geographical impact. Over the years shareholders and management harvested from their succes. However, markets changed transparency increased and technology disrupted the business model. Consequently he financial results deteriorated. As being a rich company this lasted for some years, but eventually stakeholders started to vote with their feet. Long serving employees and young talents left, clients ended their dealings with the company. Shareholders & Board ended up in conflict and finally financial institutions forced the company to act; Revitalising the business model !

The Remedies

A new purpose had been defined, based on the core capabilities of the company and the anticipated development of the future requirements of food commodity markets. Center of Turn Around was value chain orientation and co-creation of sustainable commodity chains. The re-alignment with clients restored commercial perspective and fuelled co-investment in new and sustainable business model. Invested in renewal of trust and refreshed value delivered to clients.

The turn around enabled the company to re-attract some of the employees that embodied relationship value. New employees where attracted, now with a different set of skills; those that would support the new business model, creating sustainable in the commodity chains.


A refreshed purpose and people sharing that purpose. That made it possible to attract and re-engage with markets and many stakeholders that turned their back to de company. Restructuring of the business model and operations of the company brought the financial performance back to positive. Revitalising the business model. The company life cycle renewed !

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