Intermediate Leadership & Restructuring

Discontinuity in Leadership is an important source of company failure. Good Interim Leadership ensures continuity and at the same time  offers an opportunity to refocus and/or enhance a transformation. Distressed companies that face a restructuring require a special breed of leaders….. Intermediate Leadership & Restructuring is a profession !

Leadership is a situational quality and companies in transformation require more intense leadership than organisations bound on a journey to a known destination. A temporary executive replacement, an acquisition integration, a divestment carve out  could be a trigger for Interim Leadership.

In most of these cases there is usually clarity on purpose and destination. Good interim leadership here supports effective change and can revitalise the an organisation. Besides experience and expertise, steep learning curves, excellent prioritisation and communication effectiveness are key in this matter. The next sucess-factor is the creativity to apply experience and generate progress quickly. The latter will drive the motivation of others to continue and succeed.

In situations of extreme transformation, such as a recovery and/or restructuring of a distressed business, Intermediate Leadership & Restructuring requires primarily the ability to deliver a focused implementation of measures to secure continuity and value. The ability to prioritise, make decisions , execute under high levels of uncertainty in the environment and pressure of stakeholders and time is a quality not given to many ! 

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